My Eowyn Cosplay

Back in 2010, my friends made me watch Lord of the Rings for the first time because, for some reason, I had never seen the movies before. I don’t know why I never paid them any attention before, but I fell in love with the marvellous world of Middle Earth quite quickly. I also decided to read the books – and gave up soon. The German translation is not exactly an easy read and back then, I didn’t trust my English skills enough to go for the original. By now, I caught up and read the books which spurred another attempt at cosplay-making.

Back in 2010 and with limited sewing skills, I decided to give Eowyn a shot and made a version of her dress that was so bad, I never actually wore it. Then, in 2020 while there was not much else to do during the pandemic, I decided to give Eowyn another shot – this time, a little more successfully.

Eowyn Shieldmaiden Cosplay

Even though this Eowyn cosplay almost drove me insane, I no longer blame my own skills but the sizing given on the sewing pattern which made things a lot more complicated. Nevertheless, I created an Eowyn cosplay that I’m quite proud of and love showing off in photos. Since conventions aren’t happening yet, I have to make do with taking pretty pictures of it. If you have nerves of steel and unlimited patience, you can try to follow my blog post to create your own Eowyn Shieldmaiden Cosplay.

My Eowyn Cosplay
My Thranduil Mirkwood Crown

Thranduil Cosplay

While I was reading the books and rewatching The Hobbit movies, I suddenly felt the urge to do another Middle Earth themed cosplay. Tauriel and Thranduil were both options I considered before I eventually settled on Thranduil’s Mirkwood outfit because I love the crown and I do like to look fabulous.

You can track my progress through my blog posts and get some inspiration on how to make your own Thranduil cosplay happen.

Thranduil’s Mirkwood Tunic

Even though this cosplay began with the crown in early 2021, I didn’t finish it until November. Life got in the way, other projects came in between, I had to have surgery and, to be entirely honest, I found the entire project a little daunting.

However, Thranduil’s Mirkwood Tunic is finished at last and as always, I recorded the steps for this blog. If you’re curious about how I made this rather complex robe happen, read on.