Sabrina Spellman Cosplay: Red Dress
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Sewing

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay: Red Dress

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Red Dress

How to make Sabrina Spellman’s Red Dress

Pattern: Burda 6267 (with alterations)

Materials: Red cotton, red lining, white lace, red yard, black buttons

Wig: Wish, 15 Euros

Black Hair Bow: 4 Euros

Working Time: 14 hours

Cost Total: 62,63 Euros

I’m a huge fan of the first two seasons of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (everything that came after didn’t happen), so naturally, I wanted to cosplay Sabrina. I wasn’t quite brave enough to go for her golden Sabrina Morningstar look, so I decided to make her red dress as a way of testing my two new sewing machines that I had recently acquired.

Pattern pieces laid out over the fabric.
I cut the back pieces on fold instead of the front.
Make sure to have the front pieces overlap in the button area.

I downloaded, glued together and cut up Burda 6267 because it was the closest I could find to the shape of Sabrina’s dress at that point. However, the dress in the pattern closed at the back and Sabrina’s red dress is buttoned up at the front, so I needed to make small changes. It was quite a simple fix because whenever the pattern said to cut the piece on the fold, I did the exact opposite and thus switched up the parts so that the dress would close in the front. I also added a bit of fabric to account for the overlap in the button area.

To make my Sabrina cosplay happen, I cut out the fabric and lining and attached these after cleaning the edges with my overlock machine. I tried on the dress a couple of times to make sure that it still fit and eventually added the buttons, using my new sewing machine’s marvellous buttonhole automatic setting (which I love because I’d previously hated sewing buttonholes). If you’re currently debating getting a new sewing machine, find one with a buttonhole setting because it made my life so much easier. You just place the button in the foot and the machine measures the perfect size for your buttonhole. All you have to do is to step on the pedal.

Fabric and lining.
The dress is ready to receive buttons.
Sabrina’s dress without buttons and sleeves.
Thanks to the buttonhole setting, this went quickly.
Attaching the lace to the sleeves and neckline.
The finished Sabrina dress.

I had originally intended to buy one of those lace collars for my Sabrina cosplay, but when I received it, I realised that it didn’t fit and the lace collar was made for a much narrower neckline. However, I happened to attempt this project around the time of my friend’s wedding and while they were cleaning up after the party, a lot of the decor was thrown away or handed to the guests, so I went home with lots and lots of lace which I immediately used for the cuffs and collar. Then, I finished and attached the sleeves and the Sabrina cosplay was finished.

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Red Dress

Finishing Sabrina’s Dress

The dress itself isn’t the best thing I’ve ever made – nor was it the most challenging project ever. However, it was a perfect way for me to test my new sewing machines and I’m happy with the fit. It’s never going to be my favourite Sabrina Spellman cosplay because I love the combination of her red jumper and black skirt – and of course my Sabrina Morningstar coronation cosplay. But it is an easy project to attempt if you’re new to sewing and want something simple to start with.

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